Carrie Givens Art

Vegetable Still Lifes

Featuring Winter Squash Purple Artichokes Flavorful Addition Summer Basket Summer Bowl Sweet and Spicy Salsa Black Beauty Red Chard Design Ripening Caribbean Display Purple Kohlrabi Cauliflower Display Baja Fruit Bowl Just Picked II Ripening II Squash Blossom Red Silk Gathering of Leeks Late Summer Persimmon II Stages of Growth Kale Display Persimmon I Fresh Design Winter Cabbage Tomato Onion Green Pepper Just Picked Farmers Market


Goleta Valley Art Association
Santa Barbara Art Association
Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment
Pastel Society of the Gold Coast
Something Good! Organics
Gallery Los Olivos
Gallery 113
Oak Group
En Plein Air Carpenteria

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