Carrie Givens Art

Visits to Baja

Desert Light Desert Warmth Nanette's Place Saguaro Baja Colors Casa Santa Cruz Baja Storm Breakers Abandoned Palapa Desert Beach Trail Road to Town Baja Beach Dunes Baja Spring Distant Haze A Loner Blue Guardians Dance Floor Punta Lobos Good Morning Baja Baja Breakers Baja Sunset Southern Swell Beach Desert Early Morning Entrance With Adornment Breaking at Sunset Warm Beach Dunes Behind Baja Dunes Sunset Breakers Desert Trail Walk to Palm Beach


Goleta Valley Art Association
Santa Barbara Art Association
Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment
Pastel Society of the Gold Coast
Something Good! Organics
Gallery Los Olivos
Gallery 113
Oak Group
En Plein Air Carpenteria

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